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Notes for Taking a Bath in Hot Spring
  1. The metal decorations you wear must be taken off. Otherwise, you will be sad to find that your favorite jewelries are vulcanized into the black.
   2. You cannot take a bath in hot spring if you are in emptiness or after eating and drinking. If you have the dinner, you should take the bath in hot spring after an hour. 
    3. You can choose the high-temperature, medium or low-temperature hot spring ponds which are suitable for you. Generally, from the low-temperature to the high, you can take 15- 20 minutes for bath every time.   
    4. It is not good for you to stay longer in hot spring. Otherwise, you will have the sense of suppression in the chest, become thirsty and dizzy. While you feel thirsty and choking, you can take a rest at the pool side or have a drink for water replenishment. 
    5. You’d better take the moisturizing lotion after you take a bath in hot spring, if you have quite dry skin. Thus, it can avoid the losing of a large number of moisture in the skin which may cause discomfort.
    6. Don’t go into the hot spring which is too hot and sour. It is quite good to maintain the temperature in 3045. 
    7. Don’t take a bath alone, in case of the occurrence of the accidence.
    8. After taking a bath, you don’t need to wash yourself again with the fresh water. However, the highly acid hot spring and sulfuretted hydrogen hot spring have quite strong stimulation effect. So, you’d better wash once again, to prevent the side effect. The people whose skin is sensitive should pay more attention to it.
    9. According to the water quality, the hot spring can be classified into neutral carbonic acid spring, alkalinity sodium bicarbonate spring, salt spring and sulphur spring. Different water qualities of the hot springs have different curative effects on different diseases. For example, the pure spring containing various elements has the curative effect on the neuralgia, rheumatism and skin diseases. Besides, the carbonate spring with the carbon dioxide is good for curing the hypertension and heart disease. Therefore, before taking the bath, you’d better know the varieties of the hot springs which can be chosen according to your own condition. In this way, you can reach the expected purpose of taking the bath in hot spring, avoiding bringing the harm to the body. 
People Who is not Suitable for Taking a Bath in Hot Spring
The hot spring benefits people a lot. However, if it is not suitably applied, it will bring about some illnesses. Hence, which kind of people is not suitable for taking a bath in hot spring?
 Patients with acute disease such as acute pneumonia, bronchitis, tonsillitis, tympanitis or acute colds with the fever.
        Patients with syphilis and blenorrhagia
·       People with cancer and leukemia (it will stimulate the metabolism, which makes the people rapidly become weak)
·       People with mal-nutrition or quite poor body. 
·       The severe diabetes patients with vascular complications
·       Patient with the severe eczema and dermatitis as well as the ulcerate wound on the skin
·       The early stag and the latter stage of pregnancy
·       The female menstrual period
·       Notes when you are taking a bath in hot spring
·       The bath time cannot be over 15 minutes (it is easy to let the skin lose the oil content. Or it makes the beneficial bacteria in the surface of the skin easier to be eliminated. Or,   the heart is overloaded).
·       For people with the dry skin, don’t take a long-time bath in hot spring
·       The water temperature cannot be over 45
·       For people who overstrained his nerves just now or took the intensive exercise, they shouldn’t suddenly jump into the hot spring (it is easy to generate the dizziness and shock).
     For patients suffering from diabetes mellitus, hepatopathy, gastrointestinal disease, hypertension, heart disease and vascular disease, while their conditions become stable, they are allowed to take a bath in hot spring.
·       While the people suffering from the hypertension, they cannot immediately touch the cold air (it is easier to cause the cerebral apoplexy).
·       The sulphur and other acid-base components contained in the hot spring have the function of anti-inflammatory sterilization. It do works for the general infectious or parasitic skin diseases. Yet, sometimes, it may worsen the wound on the skin, even generating “hot spring skin disease”.
Six Steps for Bath in Hot Spring
       Firstly, check the temperature of water in the pond. You firstly use your hand or foot to check whether the water temperature is suitable. Don’t immediately jump into the spring pond.
       Secondly, the feet firstly touch the water. You sit at the side of the pond and take the foot bath. And then, you utilize your hands to continuously pour the spring water on your body. Finally, you let your whole body into the hot spring water.
       Thirdly, firstly warm and then hot. In the hot spring area, it has swimming pools of different temperatures. You should take the bath step by step, from the low-temperature spring to the high-temperature spring. You should gradually adapt to the water temperature of the hot spring.
Fourthly, you should master the time. Generally, you can take the repeated bath. Every time, you can take 20 to 30 minutes. If you feel thirsty and choking, you can take a rest at the side of the pond and do some proper exercises. Next, you drink some water for water replenishment. Some people like to let the whole body into the spring, making the skin red. Yet, you should notice whether your heartbeat becomes quick and it is difficult for your breath.
       Fifthly, combine with the massage. Proper acupoint massage will enhance the effect of the health protection of the hot spring, having the obvious curative effect on some diseases.
       Sixthly, pay attention to wash the body. You should try to use less liquid shampoo or body wash. Next, you take the fresh water to wash yourself.
       Additionally, enjoy three ways of health protection of the hot spring that are respectively “immersion, pouring and swimming”. “Immersion” means that you can be repeatedly immersed in different temperatures. The tourists who can undertake the high temperature are allowed to immerse themselves into 40 hot spring pond. You will feel excited. The skin seems to be taken the acupuncture therapy with thousands of fine needles. “Pouring” means that you stand under the shower head to spray yourself from the head to the feet. Or you use the wooden tub to take the spring water to spray yourself repeatedly. “Swimming” means that you can enjoy swimming in the pond. The heat force massage, with the swimming exercise, is undoubtedly a quite high-strength sport.

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